Some of the Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the benefits of Learning Chinese language?

    It’s one of the United Nations Language, thus giving you a worldwide perspective, makes you more competitive, gives you a broad understanding of China as a world economic giant. It creates employment opportunities not just in Chinese companies but also in other local and international organizations.

  2. What are the available job opportunities available after I learn Chinese language?

    Teaching Chinese language, Interpreter tour guiding, Whisper, community and Conference   interpretation, Translation, Transcribing, Subtitling, Dubbing, Diplomat, Engineer, Administrator etc.

  3. Am I too old to learn Chinese language? NO

    We offer Chinese language from ages 5- 70 years old.

  4. What are the qualifications of learning Chinese language?

    Passion, ability to read and write.

  5. Is Chinese language a United Nations language?


  6. Do you think China is taking over the world?

    Well China is strategically positioning itself as a global competitor, we can only follow closely the global trends to ascertain the place of China in the world, but it is certainly a reality that China is taking over!

  7. What are some of the cultural differences between Africans (Kenyans) and the Chinese people?

    There are a number of cultural differences between Chinese and Africans, all cultures have a similarity and a difference, all cultures need to be respected. People from the different cultures should do their best to understand each other despite their cultural differences. Time, Religion, Food etc are some of the cultural differences between the two cultures

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